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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Let's rock the krowds...

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Solaris100 Soundsystem plays Hamburg /Germany alongside the lovely 'Thing with two heads' crew on Saturday the 15.10.2005! Expect some serious funk joints with a touch of London electrics :D

Flyerdesign by Solaris100 Industries... what else is new?

More info here:

  • Solaris100 Ind. does BLOWBACK Mag

    The newest edition of the lovely BLOWBACK mag (Sept 05) features some nice Solaris100 layoutz and illustration... check it ;)

  • Blowback Magazine
  • Wednesday, September 14, 2005

    Looks like ANOTHER boozy night out...

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    Damn you Hoxton... damn you to HELL!!!

    Monday, September 12, 2005


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    I got my buttonz ready! Will be an amazing show!

    Here the offical throwdown:

    Creatives from the art, design and fashion worlds
    will be reinventing the pin badge for an exhibition
    at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club in October.

    Put to use as pop memorabilia,politicalstatement
    and fashion accessory, the pin badge has come
    a long way over the last century. Styles,shapes
    and graphics have evolved in pace with new
    technologies and trends. Over the last year pin
    badges have again come into their own as personal
    statements and as a part of their owners’ identity.

    Stuck On Me is an exhibition organized by Joana
    Niemeyer (Thomas Manss) and Nadine Fleischer
    (The Guardian/Observer) that explores the different
    meanings of badges and takes them to the next
    level. Artists and designers will give a unique
    interpretation of the medium with their ownbadges,
    while a special essay by Gavin Lucasof Creative
    Review will provide the historical framework.

    The list of participants includes Browns, Spin,
    Experimental Jetset, Park Studio, Peepshow,
    Dan Holiday, Scrollan, Daniel Eatock, Paulus
    Dreibholz, Zoo York and Solaris100 Industries.
    All the badges in the exhibition are for sale and can be bought by
    request or on the opening night.

    Catch the work from 10 October until 10 December
    at the Notting Hill Arts Club, London.


  • If you don’t get a chance to see the exhibition in
    London you will have another opportunity to
    catch the work at Designmai in Berlin 2006.