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Friday, January 16, 2009

R.I.P Number 6...

Just as I was reading the newest movie gossip over at I came across the sad news that Patrick McGoohan passed away in Los Angeles today aged 80. Now, a lot of people will not know the name but every geek over 30 in the UK worth his/her salt at least knows him from the surreal and visionary show "The Prisoner" he produced, directed and starred in.

I heard a lot about the show and started watching the episodes ruffly two years ago. I am still blown away how damn daring that show was, dealing with issues of identity, the big brother state and personal freedom. Its 1984 meets Alice in Wonderland. Created in 1967!

I can't recomment this show enough. It's currently streaming free over at AMC TV... check it!

And don't forget... we are not numbers... WE ARE FREE MEN!

Be seeing you...

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