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Friday, December 05, 2008

First ever Futura prints released!

Damn you credit crunch! I need these...

"Art collectors and print connoisseurs have two new objects of desire; a set of fine art limited edition prints (with a run of only 100 each) by celebrated contemporary urban artist Futura.

These highly textured, hand-pulled editions exemplify the potential of modern fine art printmaking - and seeing them on the wall shows just what is possible thanks to recent advances in the craft. Utilizing various textured inks and highly developed techniques of serigraphy, the master printers have painstakingly recreated every minute detail of the original works with exceptional clarity and true artistic craftsmanship.

The prints are priced at £525 each, excluding delivery.

Website subscribers can preorder the prints from December 8th; all other buyers can purchase them from December 10th. "



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