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Friday, October 24, 2008

Andy Warhol "Other Voices Other Rooms"

Although a poster I saw last week proclaimed " Warhol is over if you want to" but it's amazing how relevant he still is 21 years after his death. Especially with Streetart crossing over to the art mainstream, YouTube 15min celebrities and labels like BAPE and Maharishi unabashingly celebrating the man the Warhol legacy has a firm place in each Hypebeasts life.

So just got around yesterday to catch the latest Warhol exhibition at the Hayward gallery and it's great! It gets a lot of mediocre reviews but I really enjoyed it.

Apart from the obvious screenprints the the very well designed exhibition space showcases a wide selection of his films and offer the possibility to watch all 42 episodes of Warhol TV he did for a small cable channel. The 15min long shows are basically portraits of him and his celeb mates and hilarious to watch. Also on display is a "time capsule", basically a box full of stuff he collected in a certain period of time. Reminds me of my boxes full of pop crap, flyers, mags and stickers that spam my bedroom... so there you go. It's not crap, theses are "time capsules". ok?!

Anyway, viva la Pop! Looks like Warhol ain't over just yet...

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