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Monday, April 20, 2009

Ujino Muneteru and The Rotators


Ran into this exhibition at the Hayward gallery out of pure luck. The Rotators are amazing!!! I have seen quite some installations with regular house appliances creating sound, but this one is by far the most successful. Maybe it's because he produces some good beats with his artworks instead of just a wall of unbearable noise terror...

"The renowned Japanese sculptor and musician Ujino Muneteru (born Tokyo, 1964) founded The Rotators in 2004, a band whose members consist of ordinary household appliances, including blenders, hairdryers and power tools. Each of these 'musicians' are connected to the Rotatorhead, a unit created from a specially adapted DJ's mixing desk that Ujino has programmed to automatically control all The Rotators' components."

Another piece I found on YouTube:

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