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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monsters INKED exhibit coming up!


Here a little teaser of a new massive mural by Pete Fowler for the upcoming Monsters INKED exhibit at the Generation gallery.

"Monsters Inked will explore the development of monster drawings from the deepest, darkest depths of an artist imagination, onto the sketch pad and finishing on the gallery wall - in an incredible exhibition of more than 100 monster images.

The exhibition will take an exclusive and remarkable look at the inner-workings of artist's mind, to find out exactly where mind-boggling monster illustrations come from...revealing the story behind how & why they were created.


* A new commission of Pete Fowler's surreal and pyschadelic Monsterism Island will be installed on an 800 sq foot wall using Wallapeel kindly donated by LTD.

*World first exhibition of 20 illustrations by Rob Steen from Ricky Gervais' much loved Flanimals book.

*Illustrators from the Central Illustration Agency will be showcasing the world's best illustration and creative talent.

*A unique Moshi Monsters Den and a thrilling Moshi Monster Hunt will let the imagination of the gallery's younger visitors run wild!

Monsters Inked: Inside the minds of The Gods of Monsters

8th April - May 4th 2009

Gallery opening times:

Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday 12 - 5pm

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