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Friday, May 11, 2007

JAPANESE GRAFFITI Expo at Stolenspace

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By Suridh Hassan and Ryo Sanada


The first dedicated to Japan's explosive graffiti scene, this book
illustrates the work of the major graffiti artists—or "writers"—working
in Japan today. RackGaki showcases the creativity that lies within this
new and relatively unexplored form of contemporary Japanese art.
Interviews with the "writers" and the authors' own experiences in
documenting the different aspects of this subculture, fill out a
picture of an art form at the cutting edge and often at odds with
police and civic authorities.

The exhibition accompanies the publication of the first book
on Japanese graffiti, RackGaki, by Ryo Sanda and Suridh Hassan. This is
the first book devoted to the Japanese scene. The exhibition will also
feature work by other artists in the book and a screening of the
accompanying DVD. Japan’s two leading Graffiti artists’ KRESS and ESOW
are flying over from Tokyo to create a piece which will form the
centrepiece of the Exhibition. In addition to the graffiti piece, there
will be canvases, books, limited addition screen prints and books for
sale at the exhibition.

StolenSpace Gallery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL