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Sunday, February 12, 2006

T Magazine Jan 06

While I was digging for some vinyl on a rainy sunday afternoon in Soho I found this marvellous magazine tucked away into a dusty corner of the shop. T Magazine No.2 is done by the Dazed & Confused people and features a georgeous picture 10" illustrated by the mighty Will Sweeney and remixes of Bloc Party and Futureheads. They even included some kind of pocket to be able to keep the record inside the mag after ripping it out of the wrapper. GEEZ! SWEET AS!!!!

The mag itself boats with more rich Sweeny Psychadelica over 42 pages plus some written elaboration about the high art of Beats... DJ Shadow, Missy... BLISS!!!! All for a damn resonable price too....

P.S: Yo Sweeny! Where is the second part of Greenfuzz dude!!!!????

P.S.P.S: ...and where can I get Mag no.1!!!!???? *sob*

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