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Friday, October 03, 2008

Stephen Chow ROCKS!


Just back from one of the few screenings of CJ7, the latest film by Stephen Chow. LOVED IT!

I know, CJ7 looks like a lame kids movie of Flubber proportions but I was still keen to see if the man behind the amazing movies Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle is able to save what looks like a sucky concept and turn it into a watchable flick. Although this movie apparently divides the Chow Fan camp in two, I must say I damn enjoyed myself tonight!

Chow just knows what's funny and what's not ( unlike a LOT of people working in Hollywood today ) and hits all the right notes and even when he is using tired and tested story devices and clich├ęs, he still manages to add fresh and unforeseen twists.

Apparently Chows next movie will be an adaption of the TV show Green Hornet... let's just pray Hollywood will not screw this up regardlessly! Go Chow go!!!

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